The testing center of 鼎盛平台. has passed the CNAs certification


On November 25, 2020, the company’s testing center received great news. The testing center of 鼎盛平台. passed the certification of China National Accreditation Committee for conformity assessment (CNAs). The scope of the recognized testing capability includes 19 items / parameters such as pigment color, colorpower, durability, and transportable elements, covering the physical and chemical properties of pigments. It is the only CNAs certified testing laboratory in organic pigment industry of China. It is also another gold-lettered signboard in the field of technology research and development after the national enterprise technology center and Zhejiang key enterprise research institute.

The testing center has made great efforts to improve the internal management system according to the certification requirements, and invited relevant CNAs experts to  company for continuous training. More than one employee has obtained the laboratory accreditation (ISO/IEC17025:2017) internal auditor qualification certificate. The center emphasized continuous ability improvement of employees, and had sent employees to participate in external industry training, skill training, laboratory management training and other training for many times, which laid a solid foundation for the successful certification.

Since its establishment, the testing center has been leading the development of the industry with leading standards. The company has participated in the drafting of five national standards, led and participated in the formulation of twenty-two industry standards, four group standards and a Zhejiang manufacturing standard.

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